CBD Can Help Your Cat

CBD Can Help Your Cat

May 12, 2020

CBD for Cats

CBD is not just used to help humans and dogs, it's also being used by cat lovers everywhere too. There are many feline conditions and ailments that can be soothed using CBD such as calming cat anxiety during or after moving, or helping relive pain and improve mobility in older cats with stiffness or Hip Dysplasia.  

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What is Hip Dysplasia in Cats?

Hip Dysplasia is a physical disorders that compromise a cat’s ability to move freely about its environment. Hip Dysplasia is rare in felines compared to its occurrence in dogs and in humans. This genetically inherited malformation where the ball and socket are misaligned and loose, which prevents the femoral head moving smoothly.

What cat breeds are more susceptible?

Similar to large dog breeds being more susceptible to having genetically inherited Hip Dysplasia, the breeds of cats having this condition are the larger, heavy-boned breeds such as Persian, Himalayan, and the Maine Coon. The Maine Coon is the most commonly affected. However, Hip Dysplasia can and does occur in any breed and in not-pedigreed smaller cats.

What signs to look for?

Stiffness. When getting up from a nap the cat may be hesitant to move and probably won’t stretch as most cats do. The cat may protect their hips, keeping them tucked or sitting more than normal.  Their gait may be odd, they may run with both back legs together.  As if they are bunny hopping.  Cats with significant deformity in the hips won’t want to play, they will try to avoid physical activity.

CBD - Powerful Anti-inflammatory Reduces Pain

CBD can be a powerful anti-inflammatory that reduces pain. When CBD enters the body, it interacts with the Endocannabinoid System or ECS. Researchers believe that CBD helps trigger the body’s natural anti-inflammatory responses by stimulating the cannabinoid receptors that make up the ECS.  Besides it’s anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is renowned for being a great painkiller.  Studies show that CBD and other cannabinoids can help reduce both physical and neuropathic pain.  

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Great news

This is great news for cats with joint issues as they suffer from very intense, chronic pain that has a big impact on their overall quality of life.

Sadly there seems to be much more information about the benefits of CBD for dogs, as opposed to cats.  But keep in mind that this is mainly a “marketing” issue.  Everything CBD does for dogs, it can also do for cats!

We Love Animals

At Trichome Hemp Farms, we love animals, and helping take care of humans and our feline friends with organic CBD is a priority to us. Thanks for reading.


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