Save the Fish with Biodegradable Plastic Made of Hemp

Save the Fish with Biodegradable Plastic Made of Hemp

June 15, 2020

Plastic in our Oceans is a growing problem, and biodegradable plastic made from hemp is the solution to mitigate future plastic pollution for generations to come. 

When made with biodegradable polymers, hemp plastic can be completely biodegradable.  Plastic made from hemp doesn’t contribute to permanent pollution, unlike conventional plastics.  It can also be recycled indefinitely.


The long shelf life of plastic is why it's so toxic.  It will take years for a water bottle to decompose after only being used for only a few minutes.  It’s easy to see why plastic pollution is growing worldwide, look at other plastic wares like grocery bags, tupperware, buttons, packaging, and electronics.

When made with biodegradable polymers, hemp plastic can be completely biodegradable.  Plastics made from hemp do not contribute to permanent pollution, unlike conventional plastics.

In an astonishing comparison to conventional plastics, hemp plastic takes around 3-6 months to decompose in the right environment.

While Hemp plastics can be recycled indefinitely.  Although petroleum-based plastics can be recycled, it is a toxic process, since this type of plastic is chemical-laden.  When conventional plastics are recycled they still leak harmful substances into the environment.

Plastic made from hemp completely avoids these toxins.

Microplastic Awareness Movement Largest in Oregon

In April 2017 a group of Oregonians, reaching over 1.3 million people, made this event the largest beach plastic cleanup awareness event of its kind.  This event created so much awareness around no landfill microplastic pollution solutions, that Governor Kate Brown proclaimed an official State Holiday, “ANNUAL OREGON COAST CLEANUP AWARENESS DAY”.

They asked for it & Kate Brown Delivered

This is really cool. Not the plastic washing up on the shores, but the fact Kate Brown heard their call and took action.  That may seem like a minor achievement to some, but to the team at That Oregon Life and Ocean Blue, it’s a great step forward in the right direction for Oregon.

No Landfill Microplastic Pollution Solutions

When teams collect plastic fragments they are recycled and upcycled back into usable products, opposed to being thrown into landfills.  Which is one of the major differences between this movement and other beach cleanups.  This one is dedicated to sustainable solutions that utilize existing materials practically.  Whether it’s being upcycled into a new product, re-purposed, or transformed into artistic masterpieces to create awareness, everything collected can be recycled or reused for something special.

What is Hemp Plastic?

Bioplastic is made using industrial hemp.  Made entirely from the hemp plant, it's the most planet-friendly.  100% biodegradable (within six months), recyclable, non-toxic,  and pesticide-free.  Additionally it’s both lighter and 3.5 times stronger than common polypropylene.

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