Hemp Batteries? Yep! It’s a Thing & it could save the world!

Hemp Batteries? Yep! It’s a Thing & it could save the world!

April 08, 2020

Yep, that's right folks. Hemp batteries are a thing. Studies have been being done for many years now, and each new study brings more to the table.

More Powerful than Lithium & Graphene

As an incredibly versatile crop, not only can Hemp be used for CBD, industrial purposes, clothing, food, and paper, but it is now also being used to make batteries. Furthermore, new research suggests hemp batteries are even more powerful than Lithium and Graphene.


Hemp Battery



The materials used to make hemp batteries is actually recycled bast fiber that typically ends up in landfills. By transforming a waste product into a value-added application, hemp batteries have the potential to save the world from a substantial amount of pollution created by lithium battery production.  Source


Continued Research

Hemp is not just being used for CBD like the ones we offer. Recently, an experiment was conducted by Robert Murray Smith. Smith began by observing a Volts by Amps curve of both the hemp (with a power value of 31) and lithium batteries (with a power value of just 4). Smith says that he hasn’t proven anything, just that the results of the experiment show that the performance of the hemp battery is significantly better than the lithium battery. Source



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Endless Applications

Batteries are used in every industry, and there are endless applications such as power to lights on a spacesuit, medical tools for Doctors, eco-friendly vehicles, powering your child's toys, and even the batteries we use to operated tools here at Trichome Hemp Farms could soon be made from hemp.